fontaine "envol" aéroport St.Etienne

fontaine "envol" aéroport St.Etienne
la plus haute oeuvre de SCHUBOTZ17M

mercredi 3 octobre 2018

International Art center SOLARTPARC in Riotord (1 hour of LYON)
Solartparc is :
SCULPTURE PARC IN OPEN AREA (1HECTAR ,100 monumental works in steel wood stone and composed materials)

Artgalerie , workshop  and living loft inside with full équipements  600m2

Solar home house of the artist Gustav SCHUBOTZ

Private Art space , public recognisation of ministry of culture,Drac,Academie and local administration, Professional register CODE APE 923 A

43220 Riotord    SOLARTPARC
Phone: 0033 628042781